June 26, 2019
Take Effect
“The always impressive Rebecca DuMaine…flawless pipes…incredible vocals…”

May 9, 2019
“The album sparkles with sophistication and elegance...DuMaine's voice is playful and flexible...(she) shines.”

May 7, 2019
Jonathan Widran - The JW Vibe
“DuMaine's theatrical training shines through (Chez Nous) via her dramatic flair with a narrative; she also delivers moments of exquisite grace throughout.”

May 2, 2019
Contemporary Fusion Reviews
“High spirited impeccable jazz vocals...simply amazing work...”

November 21, 2016
JazzWeekly by George Harris
“Vocalist Rebecca Dumaine mixes Broadway class with girl next door allure… a soft vocal duet
with the piano makes the Beatles’ “Here, There and Everywhere” a sublime highlight… Winning

October 25, 2016
The Jazz Page by D. Glenn Michaels
“DuMaine’s joyful, empathic delivery is aided by the solid virtuosity of the band... simply outstanding.”

October 25, 2016
Jazz Mostly by Bruce Crowther
“Relaxed and happy music that is collectively a very pleasing set that will appeal to those who
enjoy hearing good songs sung and played well by straightahead jazz performers who clearly
admire this music.”

Jersey Jazz by Joe Lang
“Rebecca DuMaine shows… that she is a lady who knows how to sing and swing…DuMaine has
produced four fine vocal albums since signing on with Summit, and the Happy Madness that
pervades this one is delightful indeed.”

Pop Culture Classics by Paul Freeman
“DuMaine's voice is fresh and appealing, finding new colors in the melodies and unusual
nuances in the lyrics. She works wonders with a wide variety of songs… You’ll be mad
about this happy set.”

May 2, 2015
Midwest Record by Chris Spector
Rebecca DuMaine with the Dave Miller Trio/Consequence of You: "The jazz vocal gal that feels partial to songs that have a theatrical feel serves up a bunch of under the radar classics that haven’t been beaten to death.  With her pop at the keyboard, the familial genes are in synch at crafting a jazz good time, suitable for familial listening.  With a nice set card of oldies deserving of being dusted off, it’s certainly ok to indulge in everything old being new again. Nice stuff."

May 10, 2015
Bebop Spoken Here by Ann Alex
“the epitome of good jazz singing… the chemistry between father and daughter helps as well.”

May 20, 2015
Music Man Blog by Robert Nicosia
“Rebecca DuMaine is a major league star in the long and proud tradition of Jazz vocalists. The Dave Miller Trio with the addition of Brad Buethe produces simply magical Jazz music.”

May 24, 2015
Jazz Mostly by Bruce Crowther
After some years working in regional theater as both actor and educator, Rebecca DuMaine began developing a latent interest in the standards of the Great American Songbook and in jazz. This interest had simmered throughout her childhood, thanks in large part to her father, Dave Miller, Bay Area pianist (and, when off-stage, successful attorney). Although an established teacher at New York’s Actors Studio, Rebecca developed her interest in jazz singing, taking particular note of the understated work of singers like Irene Kral and Peggy Lee, identifying an innate ability to inhabit a song’s lyric in a manner that mirrored her acting talent. Back on the west coast in 2008, she began working with her father’s trio and signed with Summit Records, making two albums, Deed I Do in 2011, and Better Than Anything in 2013. This new partnership was a learning curve for father and daughter. Although well known locally for many years as trio leader and accompanist to visiting jazzmen, Dave was not used to accompanying a singer but he reveled in the new demands. While Rebecca had acted on stage in all manner of productions, including Shakespeare, she was now performing in a very exposed setting for a very different audience. To help her master her new craft, she studied with Madeline Eastman and Kitty Margolis, finding work wherever she could. That father and daughter have succeeded superbly is evident from every note played and sung on The Consequence Of You. Ably supported by guitarist Brad Buethe, bassist Mario Suraci, and drummer Bill Belasco, Rebecca performs songs including There Will Never Be Another You, Exactly Like You, You’ve Changed, and Too Close For Comfort. To all the songs, many warmly familiar, she brings intelligent appreciation of the lyrics and, together with Dave and the other instrumentalists, finds the right balance twixt melody and rhythm that turns this into a jazz outing with many effective moments that allow everyone to share in the spotlight, notably in the many well-taken solos for piano and guitar. These artists are billed as ‘The Dave Miller Trio with Rebecca DuMaine’ and this is how it should be because this is not a singer with backing group but a quartet of like-minded musicians wholly in tune with one another and with the music they perform.

May 26, 2015
The Jazz Page by D. Glenn Daniels
“The Consequences of You is rich with the seamless musicianship and playful interaction between singer and band that defined their previous efforts.”

“Dumaine’s vocals are joyful and delightful…”

June 1, 2015
Blogtalkradio by Cyrus Webb – online interview

June 2, 2015
Blogcritics by Jack Goodstein
“There is a synchronicity between the singer and the Miller Trio that goes beyond the fact that she is the daughter of pianist Miller; it is a synchronicity born out from the collaboration of a cohesive musical aesthetic.”

“Rebecca DuMaine and The Dave Miller Trio follow up last year’s impressively swinging release, Better Than Anything with another album filled with swingers, some well-known, some less familiar, The Consequence of You. As DuMaine says in the liner notes, “I look for those little gems” like the album’s opener, “Beautiful Love,” “one of those great jazz songs, and I haven’t heard a lot of people do it.” And listening to her take on the haunting melody, one has to wonder why. Her treatment of songs like “Down with Love” and “The Face That I Love” repolishes those gems as well.

Supplementing the trio is guitarist Brad Buethe, who adds some yeoman’s work on Jobim’s “One Note Samba” and the bossa nova arrangement of the classic “There Will Never Be Another You.” DuMaine does her best to get the most out of the lyric, and she manages the job with swinging finesse. There is a synchronicity between the singer and the Miller Trio that goes beyond the fact that she is the daughter of pianist Miller; it is a synchronicity born out from the collaboration of a cohesive musical aesthetic.”

June 2, 2015
Jersey Jazz by Joe Lang
“Vocalist DuMaine and pianist Miller have a long history together, as father and daughter, that has blossomed into a musical pairing that is wonderfully effective… DuMaine, Miller and company have created another superb album.”

The Consequence of You (Summit Records – 654) is the third release on the label by THE DAVE MILLER TRIO with REBECCA DuMAINE. Vocalist DuMaine and pianist Miller have a long history together, as father and daughter, that has blossomed into a musical pairing that is wonderfully effective.  The other contributors to this fine collection are bassist Mario Suraci and drummer Bill Belasco, with guitarist Brad Buethe added for some of the tracks.  DuMaine has an assured, but relaxed feeling to her singing, a gently engaging quality to her voice, and she gives lyrics the attention and care that they deserve.  She has chosen a program of terrific songs that includes “Beautiful Love,” “Pure Imagination,” “Down with Love,” “Put on a Happy Face,” “They Say It’s Spring,” “Too Close for Comfort” and “One Note Samba,” the song that contains the phrase in its lyrics that gave the title to the album.  DuMaine, Miller and company have created another superb album.

June 22, 2015
JazzWeekly by George Harris

Very rarely do you see the vocalist not the leader in a band, but here it’s the “trio” of dave Miller/p, Mario Suraci/b Bill Belasco/dr and guitarist Brad Buethe that fronts vocalist Rebecca Dumaine through a series of standards. Dumaine works with Belasco’s drums to supreme satisfaction as the team slowly ambulates in on “Beautiful Love” and sounds relaxed in the quiet mood of Miller’s piano on “Pure Imagination” and “They say It’s Spring.” Her conversant and semi-soto voice works well on “One Note samba” and a bossa’d read of “There Will Never Be Another You” and shows she knows how to bear down as she throws some heat on “Down With Love.” Her maturity of delivery makes “You’ve changed not as dreary as usual, but more with resigned regret and she skates like a gold medal winner on “The Face That I Love.” A pro outing.

June 26, 2015
O’s Place Jazz Newsletter by D. Oscar Groomes
Rebecca Dumaine The Consequence of You
O's Notes: Rebecca Dumaine is an actress and a singer with a fine mezzo soprano voice. She combs through the American songbooks for lesser-worked tunes that resonate with her. There are nice solos across the board on the opener "Beautiful Love" establishing The Dave Miller Trio as formidable support for Dumaine. Mario Suraci plays bass with Bill Belasco on drums and leader Miller on piano. The Consequence of You is not overly flashy and has a nice variety of good songs that will serve as solid entertainment for your dinner party.

July 20, 2015
Dee Dee’s Jazz Diary, lajazz.com by Dee Dee McNeil

August 7, 2015
Pop Culture Classics by Paul Freeman
“DuMaine invites you to lose yourself in the music… Having the inventive and intuitive pianist Miller (her dad) complementing her is a huge plus. This is a very pleasing album.”

With elegant backing from the Dave Miller Trio, Bay Area vocalist Rebecca DuMaine takes even the most familiar classic pop and makes it sound new. Her voice is sweet, sure and sophisticated, using nuance, sensitive phrasing and a deep understanding of the lyrics to capture the listener. She never tries to overpower with her voice. And that’s a tremendous strength. DuMaine invites you to lose yourself in the music. Among the outstanding tracks here are “Too Close For Comfort,” “One Note Samba,” “Pure Imagination” and “There Will Never Be Another You.” Having the inventive and intuitive pianist Miller (her dad) complementing her is a huge plus. This is a very pleasing album.